Destructive Weather Alert

If your pharmacy is in the path of destructive weather, especially if there is a chance of flooding or power loss, we ask that you perform the following actions on your DOSIS robot(s) to try and reduce any damages from water or electrical surges.

  1. Perform a normal shutdown of the tower(s)
  2. Unplug the power cord(s) from wall power

Upon return, do not plug in or power on your tower(s) if there is standing water or, if presently dry, if there was water in or around the DOSIS area. Also, if electrical power is not constant/reliable, wait until full power is restored before re-energizing your tower(s).

Call our support line at 877-626-2422 or email us at for any questions or assistance.

We hope all of our customers in the path of the current hurricane and their families remain safe.


The Manchac Customer Care Team